Case Study: PNI CorporationSilver Bullet

A long time client of Eagle Design, PNI Corp. of Santa Rosa, California asked us to partner in a design of an automotive accessory product. The unique challenge of this program was to develop a simple and effective locking interface that would be adaptable to several mounting configurations while residing in a height limitation of 3 millimeters. The requirements of the interface included the ability to conduct power to the main unit and provided a stable mechanical platform to endure an aggressive automotive environment.

Along with the basic design requirements, Eagle Design was required to coordinate the Industrial Design, the manufacturing and electronic design interfaces both in the US and offshore. There was an additional design requirement of no visible fasteners, co-molded brackets and predominantly snap together assembly.

Eagle Design was able to achieve all of the project goals as demonstrated in the accompanying photos. The use of rugged co-molded parts enables this product to share a typical mounting interface in three configurations including a Power Supply, Dashboard Mount and Visor Mount arrangement. This product was introduced in the USA market in 2004.

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